Rash, Please Go Away.


IT’S 1:46AM. And I should most definitely be asleep. But I can’t. I can’t sleep if I’m not done uploading my photos and making sure they’re kept safe and organised, especially since I’m only left with 1.46GB of memory space in my 32GB iPhone. How in the world…? I guess I just got lazy transferring. When I had the 16GB (12GB luh), I was making sure my gallery folder would have less than 1000 of photos, videos, gifs etc. And my apps would always be deleted and downloaded again just to save space you know? But as time went by with my new 32GB, everything piled up. I became a hoarder of photos and videos and gifs. I don’t even have enough space anymore )’:

Apart from technical issues, my annual rashes has made its comeback, only to be more severe this time round. It’s probably due to the trio-trigger reaction of sleep deprivation, dust and flower that has caused this round of outbreak. My face, my ears, my arms, my legs. It’s everywhere and I hate it. I hate how it makes me feel. I hate how self-conscious I get and how my confidence just plummets. I mean, who would want to face another person with scaly, itchy and swollen skin. I’ve been controlling my urge to scratch my face way more than the other body parts because, it’s my face after all. Isn’t it obvious? I’ll try to make an effort for my legs … Everytime when my legs seem to get better (healed up), I get a bad outbreak of itches or rashes and down the drain it goes – my effort for not scratching. Probably why I should keep short nails so even if I do scratch vigorously, the skin wouldn’t break!

Bugis -> iLight -> walkabout -> home

Today was another #safarichiks reunion. How long has it been since we hung out together alone? Feels like a long, looong time. We had our dinner at EighteenChefs at Bugis this evening and passed V’s second present before heading to iLight. To be honest, other than the Pasarbella zone, the installations weren’t fantastic. People were mainly going to take “hipster” photos to post up on their social media platforms and not actually appreciating the artwork? I know, sometimes, I fall for this too and today might just’ve been the day too. But queuing up just to get a good shot of yourself -laughs- how self-absorbed. At least I do visit museums and spend an entire day in there, reading the details of the artwork. Speaking of which, I really want to go for the installation that was recently added in ASM! It’s gonna be pretty cool. Before I drift off further, I just want to end off my saying that the highlight of the night was when we were resting -yes, you read that right. resting.– on the floating platform and just imagining what it would be like to host/plan events such as weddings and gatherings and movie under the stars on the floating platform. Wouldn’t it just be an amazingly chill session? Just like how the atmosphere at Pasarbella felt like. After fantasizing, we took a buncha photos -not that we didn’t take through out but i think I’m deeper in love with these unglams- and walked back to the station. All of us were craving for some cheap yummy $1 icecream but they only had Durian and Mango left so only OABFF got to settle her craves while V and I watched on. Anyway, off topic abit, am I not sayang?? HAHA

It’s Good Friday tomorrow and I’ll be up bright and early (at 7AM) to catch the bus to JB where I’d be sipping on thai milk tea, eating good food, taking a stroll down the alleys of JB and admiring the shophouses. It’s gonna be an interesting day ahead! I’ll be taking the old train back since the morning train is fully booked. Oh wells, I get to experience what it’s like to take a bus/train into and out of JB from and back to Singapore. Can’t wait!



Rash, Please Go Away.

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