Happy Birthday V.

IT’S 5:15 PM. Was so busy over the past week or so I felt like I had no time at all. While my brother was enjoying half of his block leave in Bintan, I was stuck in school with assignments, tutorials, presentations, submissions … list is endless. On top of that, I worked the day when everything started snowballing. Rushed out 2 graphs after spending 15 to 16 hours on Google Earth. Then I had to prep for V’s birthday. I think it’s gonna probably be the most intense weekend I ever had. Juggling between family, friends, school and work. My upper body is aching and if I don’t get enough sleep soon, I’ll fall sick. ):

The weekend before V’s birthday, day and night weren’t defined. When I stayed till the wee hours of the morning, just before sunrise, an hour or two before my family woke up for work, I thought, maybe I could just try staying up all the way? My undereye circles have gotten so dark that I’ve turned into Panda from BB. Dealing with a migraine, sinus and swollen lids & battling against the heat and the thirst was so exhausting yesterday. Glad the company – J, you know who I’m talking about – made up for it, made me forget how tired I was even as I yawned plenty. And of cos, whether the surprise ended up as a failure, we wouldn’t know. V just looked overwhelmed and very tired. She stood outside the room and it was so dark the camera -apple, please up your night time camera settings- couldn’t capture anything. We stayed on for the unwrapping, phototaking and of course, skyped with Don. That was pretty amazing. It felt like he was right here with us. (‘: And OABFF burst our $31.90 balloon which can sing ):< Please keep all birthday balloons away from Weilun and OABFF. Thanks.




Happy Birthday V.

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