IT’S 11:14PM.

I finished episode 2 of another new K-drama. Haha, who would ever thought that I’d be this obsessed over any thing K? I used to loathe it pretty much and now here I am going gaga. A year ago, I’d never even considered watching K. at all. When I sought of stepped into it on my own in July last year, I could remember not liking it as much, but I was willing to give it a try. And I persevered on with an open mind. Who would’ve guessed, it was an intense period from August to December and K kept me sane (or at least, drained my time away). It allowed me to experience the highs and lows, get emotional for once. For this, I really truly applaud K for doing this. I could never ever shed a tear for any English, Chinese drama or movie I watched until K. K made me in touch with my emotions and created a baby out of me. It felt good feeling things as I watch the drama. And so, I was hooked onto the roller coaster ride of emotions dealing with romance, comedy and whatever you can think of.  Also, needless to say, I found my favourite Korean band through it in January. I guess it’s probably one of those life changing moments albeit small. It’s like how I discovered Fei Lun Hai and they still remain as my #1 Taiwanese band. Winner will definitely be #1 in my heart forever and always. I cannot stop talking about them. It is true that I listened to them for almost a month straight. Even the discovery playlist on my spotify has been changed to korean songs. It’s hilarious. What happened to me?! Haha. I wonder what I’ll be a year from now. It’s so interesting to look back and see how very different I was before.

Other than K, I like to thank GE2220 for trying to embarrass me as I climbed up the slope and took measurements of the slope along the Bukit Timah Railway Track trail. It was surprising to see the trail being utilised heavily by humans. I thought it’d be as deserted as the first few times we went about 2-3 years ago. I guess alot more people are shifting towards the healthy lifestyle. Oh, what’s funnier is that my mom readily joined along taking measurements and digging the soil all. I think she secretly likes doing these kind of stuff. Hah. I got it from my mama.

Today, met up w OABFF and she came over for a short while. Yes, very short. Next time, am I asking too much if I want you to stayover. I mean, SIM is just 10 minutes away. Or would you please, hurry move to my neighbourhood? Thanks.

Tomorrow’s my brother’s POP. Has it been 3 months already? It felt like 2. Ohmy, it really is 2 months. I thought BMT is 3. But, whoop, congrats bro! You survived. Let’s hope you get a vocation near the west side of Singapore. I have to wake up at 5AM tomorrow morning … but another episode of Descendants of the Sun won’t hurt.




P/S: is it DOTS makes me feel like the whole plot is very real and that it can also happen to me?! maybe that’s why I’m starting to like it more than I should. maybe it’s also because my brother’s in army. -laughs-

IT’S 11:14PM.

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