Too Good To Be True. 

IT’S 10:42AM. My class is at 10 in the morning and I’m currently on bus 75 to sunset way. Here’s how my morning went…

The alarm first rang at 8:30AM (the usual time i’m supposed to slowly start getting ready to leave house if class is at 10). I snoozed it, slept till 9.30AM (the earliest time I can reach school). I woke up afew minutes later thinking I can definitely wake me up with some very much needed workout, which I did. I ended up inhaling and exhaling very deeply with Adrienne, feeling extremely at peace with vigor pumping through my veins. Once the session ended, I laid down in my corpse pose before deciding to check on my phone.

“Where you??”

I thought, “why is she asking me that so early? Class starts at 12, stop freaking out.”

“Today is odd week hello??”

And then realization sank in, damn.

It was already 10:25AM and i knew even if i took a bus down now i couldn’t make it in time (cos it happened to me before too but that was really cos i overslept). Still, it was a mad dash to take a rinse, put on my sunscreen, wear my clothes, get out of my house with my disarrayed hair. Took the lift down to the first floor, crap i forgot my ezlink. So i went back up and changed my top which was not long enough to cover my butt and VPL. Outside my gate, a taxi just dropped someone off.. But am i really gonna spend money on cab if i’m gonna be late already? Nope, nope. Didn’t work for me. It’s just attendance, right?

Now, i’m waiting for 151 to come pick me up and drop me off at school. Hopefully, in time for me to be able to take attendance, haha.

So that’s how my morning went. How did yours go? I hope it’s not as exciting as mine.

Some things in life are really just too good to be true.


Alrighty, here’s an update.

IT’S 3:40PM. It has been 5 hours since my entry and I’m now on bus 75, making my way back home. Today felt surprisingly short and went by like a breeze. I made it to class at 11:20AM & took my attendance, many thanks to my lucky stars. Now I’m looking forward to my bathtime 😁

I guess when you’re not meant to do something, another thing plans its way and regardless, you’ll still get it done in the end. Like how all of us are on different paths to fruitful living. Whether we make it there earlier or later doesn’t matter. As long as we get there.

A very sudden turn to Philosophy. HAHA

Too Good To Be True. 

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