Today, I Turn 21.

Happy Birthday to me.

IT’S 11:42PM. I have about 18 more minutes till February 23 is over. Let’s see whether I can summarise the day in this entry within … oh crap, 17 minutes!

At the stroke of midnight, I was first surprised by my Facebook notification on my ipod which I’m ashamed to say that I actually have that notification. Is it normal? Like does Facebook do that for everyone or only when you switch it on to remind you of your own birthday? A minute or two went by and whilst I went back to completing my field notes (fieldtrip shall be in the next entry), my roomies AKA Tessa, Beautrice and Joelynne started singing the birthday song. I was so touched. Felt the love, man. I truly did.

During the trip, Tessa kept asking me if I was going home with her or my parents. Then, my sis also kept asking me if I had any plans. And then, I don’t know whether it’s coincidental or not, Zhuo asked me out on wed night. So all these bizarre happenings made me hope for something at the airport. Unfortunately, there wasn’t. When I reached back to Singapore, I was half-hoping someone would pop up behind the bushes, that Tessa would pretend to take the escalator down to her bus stop but would eventually find her way back to me with my friends. You know, like a surprise gathering. Nope, that did not happen. From then on, I felt abit sad, slightly alone. Although I did find a new love for travelling alone or a tinge of what it feels like to be travelling alone. 100/100 would do it. In the future. Unfortunately (or fortunately), the ride home wasn’t as quiet as I thought it would be! I had a friend with me all the way till Bugis before we split ways. Taking the downtown line home and editing my photos on board. I managed to edit the worthy photos on VSCO just before I alighted at Beauty World MRT. *satisfaction, guys*

I went home, starving. I was seriously ravenous. Called my OABFF and sadly, was turned down. So I munched on the remaining Chips More I bought in Malaysia and started editing my French video assignment. Started you know, getting back to the grind. The chore of studying. Which was when I realised that this year’s birthday might be a quiet one like last year’s. Last year, if you recall, I went to Boracay and told a white lie to my friends that I’d be gone till 23. But nope, I was only gone till the 22. I was just too damned lazy to do anything. Didn’t want anything planned. So, only Leon came over at 11PM to spend the final hour with me.

Fast forward a year later, I traded TWD for K-drama. Not a completely trade, I was just watching different shows! Haha don’t be upset guys. I’m still into TWD. And I’m still the same lazy ass person who don’t wanna do much on my birthday. Even if it’s my 21st. To me, I was really very sui bian with the whole idea of a birthday. A mini ‘celebration’ that can’t really be called a celebration was fine with me.

Another thing was I thought my birthday would be a really, really sad day cos dad went to the hospital this morning. I wasn’t informed till mid-afternoon. So I was worried and I just couldn’t think of anything else. And then after I called mom at 5PM and she told me he called her to pick him up. I just felt a tad bit relieved. I thought 23rd february would be a bad day. You know, like a broken wound that will never heal. Turns out it wasn’t and I’m so thankful.

When both my parents and sis got back at the same time (now this part makes me wonder why they came back together. it’s just weird you see to come back together), they brought in the present(s)! Low and behold, I got the birthday present I have been eyeing for a long long long time. So long I don’t even know when it started. When I was 13/14? They bought me a turntable. And the best surprise? Sis bought the Al Green vinyl record and threw in the Etta James record! Oh God, blessed is me. I have been pestering her to get me a vinyl for ages but she kept saying no. So I thought she would get me a gopro or something but it turned out to be something a whole lot better. Best birthday present ever!

So, back to Leon. I had just finished watching my Cheese in the Trap drama and my dinner and wanted to start on working my turntable all when this boy called me down. Grumbled but I made my way down anyway, after a few trips in and out of the house cos Leon is troublesome. Went down at 8:30PM ish, he told me he had 30 minutes cos of work. I mean, understandable. Work gives you money. Money gives you happiness. Happiness from what you can/want to do for yourself and for others. Regardless, my heart sank a little. It’s ‘kay though, he still came. Honestly, I thought there would be people hiding behind the playground. But turns out I was wrong. We spent the next few minutes chatting, taking polariods. Yes, this year I’m intending to make a “Talia’s 21st” scrapbook filled with polariods and then videos of it too. Exciting, I’m already itching to do it. Oh yes, one more thing. In the brown paper bag he brought along, I thought my present + his snacks would be in there. Turns out I was wrong again. Le sigh. I waved good bye to him at the driveway and went up.

Now that I think about it, my mom and sis were acting weird the whole time from the point when they came home. Sis kept saying “why nobody celebrate your birthday”, “oh, no friends” blablablah. I couldn’t be bothered to reply her since Thursday to Saturday, there would be activities on and I just really didn’t mind being alone on my 21st. But she kept rubbing it in. And then, it got more suspicious when I re-entered the house to take water for Leon. Mom and sis were talking about 2 cakes. So I thought “oh, gonna have to get back after father wakes up so can cut cake together”. Then, I just tried to make it short with Leon. Thank heavens, at that point in time, I was also relieved Leon had ‘work’ because I thought I was going to cut cake with my family. Turns out, I was wrong again.

Homai. I have been wrong the entire day. This is quite sad. HAHA

I was eagerly expecting something but at the wrong timing.

When I got back home, it took a while before I said I wanted to rinse my feet. The playground was dirty anyways. I was about to take off my shirt and head into my room but decided against it for whatever reasoning I had in my mind at that time. Thank god I didn’t. Cos the next thing that happened, I pushed open my bedroom door (which was closed and this was dubious but I dismissed it cos the aircon was on) and turned on my lights first. Midway through my first step, something grabbed my leg and I screamed. Then, I heard familiar voices and a crowd of familiar faces stood half squat, half standing, kneeling right in front of me. Everyone in my room and at that moment, I was like “shit, my room damn messy omg”. Then the birthday cake was placed in front of me by Ven. “Cupcakes? Ew.” My first reaction which I tried not to let it show HAHAHA I’m sorry for being so rude and ungrateful. I don’t fancy cupcakes. Nevertheless, I was touched by the theme of the cupcakes – beach. Love it. My first guess was Fairfield cos Ven was wearing blue and I was wearing Fairfield PE shirt. If I appeared bimbotic at any time, it was because,  of the way my mind thinks. You have to know my thought process to know that actually, I’m not a bimbo. It made perfect sense to me!

A birthday song, rounds of photos/polariod, gift-giving, cheering, laughing. So many friends in my place. I am so glad? I know my circle of friends is already pretty small but to see this many (to me) people in my house, a house which I never invited friends other than Ven, Rah and group mates (forced to) over… It was embarrassing and slightly uncomfortable. Cos my house isn’t how I want it to look now. Oh crap, I was too excited and happy that I forgot to take GIFs of the whole thing. Dang, it’s okay though.

After the celebration, the remaining few of us went for supper at the Korean place. It was then that I was greeted by another surprise. Today is just full of epic moments, isn’t it? All these gold moments turned to memories. Jess came over to my place from Simei. She was outside my house (AW). Do you know how freaking far that is? I want to cry for her. I’m such a burden, honestly. These people – new and old – they’re truly amazing. The planners or the initiators. Guys, you are awesome. The people who made the attendance list, I love you. My family for keeping such a huge secret from me and for cheekily insulting me behind my back, thanks for being there for me all these while. While I’m trying to be more financially independent, it is hard sometimes to not rely on them to fund my education, my trips, my desires. I don’t know how many games I have to UP before I reach the level of glorious sublime tonight. I will try my best. I am immensely thankful for each and everyone of you. Whether you made it to the surprise, wished me or came down on your own, (‘: I’m also extremely glad I didn’t cry. It would be such an embarrassment. HAHA

T’was a great night.

IT’S 12:30AM. I couldn’t make it in time. I had too many things to say and to note down. AH~ This would make my top 5 moments in life.

My wish this year? Not gonna tell you. It’s a secret.

Goodnight everyone. I don’t know how many of you know my journal already but, hey, anyways. Thanks for coming down and for staying on till now in my life – where I’m the type of person who easily lets go of another. Thank you.




P/S: Birthday presents this year just rock plenty?!

P/P/S: Photos up soon.



Today, I Turn 21.

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