Lunar New Year.

Hello, hello one and all.

IT’S 11:25PM. Can you believe it’s already Thursday? I mean, where have all that time gone? You know the 4 days (ahem, 5 cos I skipped class today) of holiday gone? And it’s about a week since my last entry? Like what the heck? It feels like I just typed it out a day or two ago. I still cry since I know I could’ve made better use of this 5 day break. Say, go on a short trip? But anyhoo, the time has flown and I guess, ever since Boracay -which was just a year ago- I just don’t feel hyped at all. About the Lunar New Year. For you guys out there though, wishing you a Happy Lunar New Year!

Over the weekend, I had my yearly reunion dinner with my extended family members. Not that it extends all the way like some people’s family. My family is pretty small. My grandmas didn’t give birth to a thousand children. So, reunion was cosy. Well, the first one with my Mom’s side was cosy. The one with my Dad’s … not so. I feel like the children of that household, they aren’t as fun as my mom’s. They stare and make converations awkward. Like, can’t I have a teasing moment with my nainai? And I think it’s because of that -them- it’s impossible to be as close to my nainai like how I am with my mama. Oh well, hidden symptoms of a dysfunctional family.

初一 was tough too. I mean, shag balls? Am I getting old or what? No more hype. No more feels. Okay, the feels only came in the morning when I was dressing up. But seriously, I think I prefer dressing up to another occasion anytime. Am I throwing away my chinese roots? Hell no. I just don’t see the point in visiting people you aren’t even close to. People, you aren’t related in any way whatsoever by blood. And dude, going every year to that place doesn’t make sense. Especially to for us and mom. Even if I went for the angpaos, there ain’t much to look forward too. Hah. And it’s all the way in Tampines. The angpaos can pay for the petrol used up, yes. I just stayed out of the place really. Went in, used their toilet and bye, I’m outta there. Nope, not sitting down for a minute. So bro and I chilled at the HDB corridor and waited. We didn’t have to wait long. They were out unusually quick this time – much to my surprise and delight. And then, off we go – to the next place at AMK for lunch. It was a better, more lively atmosphere though still pretty uncomfortable at first. Towards the end, the aunties talked about her travels and then my dad’s side cousins were there too. Yes, I have 2 cousins from dad’s side. But we aren’t close at all. Not one bit. The first time I saw the oldest cousin was during her wedding (it’s in my wedding entry below). At least, she’s only what max. 8 years older than me … I guess? After we spent about 2 hours there, we made our way home, only to leave house in 2-3 hours for my dad’s friend’s place! This was the only house I looked forward to, period. The atmosphere was just pleasant, homey, buzzing with life. The children are around our age. I talked to my dad’s friend’s daughter. She’s going to Japan too! For 3 weeks with her BF. Dear lord, why can’t I do that too? Why is travelling with friends such a tedious process for me?

Oh yes, before I go onto the second day, guess what happened!




I finally drove in almost a year. Finally. Finally.

I drove back home that night. It was my first time driving on the road (not cos of BBDC) near the end of last February. And it was my last until I got the chance to drive again 2 nights ago. My dad is just overly-paranoid and excessively cautious it gets to the point of illogicality if there’s even such a word. I took the last lane and reached home safely. The thing is, I still can’t park. I mean. I parked. That’s a good thing right? I. Parked. Straight. Albeit too close to one side & not reversed enough. It’s good progress since I’m talking about someone who hasn’t drove in a year. Hah, and my parents -eyeroll, my dad– they still complain. Please, if you let me drive more times last year, I would’ve probably got a whole lot better.

初二。I guess my parents were pretty tired from the first day that they slept in the entire morning. Not me though. I woke up at 9 to my alarm, got my exercise in before chilling. We left the house pretty late that day. We were all drained and needed that recuperation. Went around Singapore searching for the army ziplock bag for bro before heading home and napping for an hour and a half and then, back to Pasir Ris for bro’s book in. Gonna see him in another 2 days so it ain’t a big deal. A chill week for him.

And then today! Yes, you made it. I’m almost out of steam so just bear with it for a few minutes more. Today, I skipped class. Hoho. Never felt so proud in my life. I keedz. It felt good not going to school and just staying home to ‘catch up’ to some stuff. Had my online French oral today. Practiced a ton and my throat hurt abit after that. Worked off a little of my CNY tummy but it was all in vain cos I cooked my childhood pasta later in the afternoon for dad and I AND binged on the CNY goodies sitting pretty on the table just waiting for my itchy fingers and itchy mouth to gobble them up. I have 3 minutes left to tomorrow and I just want to say. Yes, I made the right decision to skip class today. Today was productive. Thank god I still have some discipline.

And, here we are. The end of my entry. Again, it’s gonna be another busy week up ahead! There’ll be a 2 6/7 hours class to tomorrow and friday, afew birthdays to celebrate, work, packing for my fieldtrip, initiating a project discussion, working/reading at ultrasonic speed in order to get things completed before recess week. You know why? Cos what is recess week? It’s gonna be full of celebrations. Can’t wait for it!


Till then, à la folie.


Lunar New Year.

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