IT’S 10:54PM. I am awake, tired AND really blessed to have my tummy be filled with tom yam seafood pasta from Breko’s this evening together with T & Min. OH, guys, we just entered the second month of the year (already?!). I haven’t had the chance to catch my breath though?? I completely lost track of my time in January – going out, working, events to attend, working, working.. school; oh did I mention working? At least the paycheck I received a couple of days ago is rewarding enough.

Lately, writing became a chore for me. As much as I love writing, I dislike it when my thoughts are always flowing whileI’m on public transport. Using a phone to type out just isn’t the same. (typing out here doesn’t feel as bad as on phone!) Which explains the lack of entries over the past 2 weeks. I need something like a tablet PC I used to own that has a note function and a stylus which allows you to doodle and write however you want. Sadly, that tablet crashed and my notes inside just disappeared. Ah, technology.

Today is my brother’s birthday. So, happy birthday bruh even though I know you won’t ever read this. He’s stuck in Tekong anyway. Hah.

Tomorrow is my sister’s birthday. -wait, that’s like in 56 MINUTES – She’s already on her bed snoozing away. I hope she doesn’t pass the flu to me. I can’t get sick. It’s lunar new year.

Février – the busiest time of the year for me.

Especially this year’s. What’s with the 21st birthdays and many of them during this month (and mine coming up).  And my burning desire to (fund my) travels. God, this birthday, all I wish for is more angbaos. More angbaos so that I’ll have more money saved up for my future trips. Pretty please with a cherry on top. Make that come true forever and ever and I’ll be bound to you. Haha, I keedz. I’ll just have more faith, I guess?

My bleary eyes are telling me that it’s time to hit hay. Hope I’m able to sleep tonight.





p/s: i really hate how some bras make your boobs look big and it’s uncomfortable as heck. no, not talking about pushups.


p/p/s: crap i just realize my class starts at 10 tomorrow morning. crappitycrapcrap.



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