The Weekend is here.

It started raining at 6:26PM while we were eating our stingray at The Greenhouse. Despite the pull down shelter the stall owner helped us with, the rain still came in – onto the table, on our clothes, on our food. You could say that we were being blessed by the Gods above. My parents told us that this Chinese New Year will be a hot one, since the rainy weather will cease by the time it’s the lunar new year. Not that I mind since walking around in your new clothes and being wary of rain puddles or having to carry an umbrella is just too tedious.

Bro just got back from his first 2 weeks in army. He ain’t complaining much so I don’t get the guys out there who’re making a fuss out of NS. Just go through the phase. I mean, it’s like school isn’t it? If it was made mandatory for both gender to go through NS, honestly, I wouldn’t mind. Come on. Other than the scary navigation in the forest and the occasional supernatural encounter, army isn’t all that bad. The food – dude, the way these NS men complain about their food is an exaggeration. As long as it’s edible, it’s fine. If it doesn’t have an unusual sour taste, it’s decent. It’s just food anyway. Maybe it’s cos one of my life motto is “eat to live, not live to eat” which makes me very sui bian with food. Cheap food, simple food – if it can fill up my tummy, it’s fine by me. People shouldn’t complain so much if they’re able to fill up their tummies. Jeezus, why so picky?

We’ll be going IKEA for breakfast tomorrow aaand, of cos, anchor point because duh, outlet shops are there. Glorious food and cheap icecream – the way to go. I gotta stop putting my hands into the cookie jar, it’s making me fat.









Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

p/s: falling in love with ice kachang & soursop

The Weekend is here.

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