It’ 10:35 AM and beside me I have a cuppa. I’ll soon be heading out to school for a 2 hour lesson which I can’t wait to be done with (LSM1301 – General Biology). Then, I’ll be meeting up with my longtime no see friend Cory. She’s flying on the 21st of February to Australia to pursue her law degree. -wish her the best!- Plans aren’t finalised yet. I haven’t replied her -yikes- so hold on while I take a minute to do so. ‘Kay, I told her I wanted to meet her at Orchard for tea. I know it’s gonna be a awesome catch up so Imma move on to my next agenda of the day – CONCH PIERCING.

To be honest, I haven’t read up much about it so I wouldn’t know what to expect – the pain level, where to pierce (apparently there are afew conch spots) etc. So I’m just gonna go in because it’s a family piercing. We’re starting this tradition haha. The girls in the family. What I know is that they’re gonna be using a needle cos professionals piercers, I can’t take off the earring for about a year which means I can’t wear the delicate flower gem earring I keep seeing on the internet -time to hunt and buy it-anddd I hope it’s not that painful. I like injections so a needle through my ear would be okay right? Currently, I have 2 pairs of lobe piercings on both sides of my ears. The first pair was done when I was 7 and the second was when I was 13. According to FQH, I couldn’t bear the pain of the first pair. According to me, come on mom, I was still a kid; I hardly flinched at 13.

We’ll see how it goes.




IT’s 8:57PM and I’m back home from a day out of activities. As always, conversations with Cory are one of the best. Deep, insightful… entertaining. You’d think she’s a dumb blonde – sometimes. But I don’t know why I find myself talking these intense topics with her. It’s weird. We went hunting for my skinny scarf at Zara, Mango, Topshop, H&M … you name it, we went. Why does this happen to me? The first time I laid eyes on that pretty little black scarf at Vivo on 4th of December, I thought that I’ll buy it the next time. And now, it’s out of stockkk. The worst. We gave up our hunt and finally settled on Joe & Dough for a slice of carrot cake and a cuppa on comfy vintage looking chairs. I really love old furniture’s design. Simple, classic and nostalgic – a time forgotten by many. We sat there and talked about anything and everything. It’s a wonderful feeling. Except when I have no clue about AC students because it makes me realise how much in my own world I am. I was told that last week by another person. Haha. When we finally parted ways, I met up with my sis and mom to get our conch piercing.

Truthfully, the conch hurt the most when the stud was going into my ear. Not the needle, the stud. We did it at Stage at Orchard Central. First, we filled up a form and then took turns to ink the spot and pierce. She was really professional and used a needle. It was my first time with a needle so I guess she was abit more careful and worried for me. I felt the needle go into my cartilage and exit. I’d rate it 3 out of 10. But when the freaking stud went it, oh god it was more painful. I didn’t hear any sound though. I guess I was too concentrated on the movement of the object in my cartilage. I think for most, the fact that you can feel the whole length of needle through your cartilage makes the process intimidating but honestly, what aches is after you pierced it.

Although my ear has pretty much reduced swelling and redness compared to when it was first pierced, the ache was so intense I actually feel my ear throbbing (more just now) and the right side of my cheek abit numb (i did it on my right ear). But it’s okay. This is nothing haha gotta psych myself you know. Then I’d be ready for helix next month maybe and my birthday tattoo (from mama) in the near future. Okay, I think it’s time I shower and adjust my piercing cos the lady told me so. Ugh. The ache.




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