I Went to a Wedding.

Our table was #2 since Haiwen is our cousin (although I have never seen her before in my life haha, only in photos). So we were right in front of the stage and it was a really good view. This is probably my 3rd wedding I’ve been to in total, my 2nd post-adolescence and my 1st seated right at the front. Many people my age have probably been to more than 3 weddings. Oh well, my family is small like that/out of 4 siblings, 2 didn’t get married. And I don’t have church friends? So, I guess the next few weddings onwards would be a few years down the road. My siblings, my friends. Haha. Can you believe in 4 years, we’ll be marriageable age? I can’t even imagine myself being attached. Maybe I’ll be living the spinster life. Maybe ‘the travelling spinster’ life since I’d have lots of money to spend on myself and treat myself to the luxuries of life. The only thing I love about marriage is the planning process, the getting ready, dolled up, party atmosphere to be honest. Haha, I should just be a party planner or something in future. A travelling party planner – help people with their 16/21 birthdays, weddings, baby showers, bachelor party etc.


I Went to a Wedding.

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