A Rainy Day.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Mom came home and found me lying on the floor, done with my workout. She was on her way out for her usual sunday walk and I decided to follow her. No regrets although the sun was scorching hot and uber intense, you’d never guess a downpour was imminent. But, it stormed while we were finishing up our ice kachang. I felt the pitter patter of rain drops on the back of my body before I could even raise my head to look out the greenhouse and see rain. Mind you, I was sitting in the middle of the hawker centre and it’s so surprising that even from where I was seated, the wind could carry the raindrops in so far. Before we left, we had toast, teh o bing, soursop ice and ice kachang. It’s my first time eating soursop and ice kachang. Actually, I drank soursop before but I have never seen it previously. It’s really delicious and cooling ‘liang’, quenched the thirst we had earlier on when the sun was out. After that, we embarked on our journey back home. Thank god for the newly built downtown line because if it’s not for the underpass, we owuld probably be stranded further away from home. We took the underpass all the way to beautyworld and we stayed at the shopping centre for a couple minutes as we were looking for disposable raincoats. Atlas, we gave up because we simply couldn’t find any and FQH didn’t want to buy a towel to cover ourselves. My logic was that the towel could be washed and reused as a bathing towel unlikes the many umbrella we already have at home (i wanted a new towel, basically). We left empty-handed and FQH finally decides to walk/run/jog in the rain. I suggested it at first but she totally dismissed it. And, again, no regrets. Because it was really fun. Innocent fun. We crashed into the church nearby and took shelter before continuing the second of our ‘journey’ home and dashed across a road as the rain turned into a drizzle. When we reached our doorstep, the drizzle stopped. Oh well, today’s innocent fun is really one of the moments in my life that I love to hold onto. It’s these small moments of playfulness and adventure that lights my being. No regrets on today’s ‘workout’.




A Rainy Day.

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