when abs were real

A summary of my first time experiences in 2015. I know it’s already the fourth of January and this should’ve been up at the end of 2015. Sometimes you just don’t want to write, okay? Don’t want to do anything. This Last year has been nothing short of amazing and it’s probably better than 2014, especially the first half of the year before everything went semi-shitty after August. This year I started up new hobbies and listened to way more new music (fallen in love with the tropical house genre & Glimmer of Blooms followed me on insta!!). I got out of the country more often even if it were to the same places. I was close to a heartbreak in the early part of the year and I guess you could call that my lows. And I’m getting more comfortable being in my own skin. So, 2015 had been a pretty chill and fun filled year and it’ll definitely be missed.

It was my first time:

  • going to adventure cove with the family (w/o dad) & solo-riding one of the rides – 18/01/15
  • climbing over the new rails along food street near my house – 20/01/15
  • driving the family car to uncle chay lip’s place at changi – 24/01/15
  • drinking session with L – 27/01/15
  • purple hair
  • liking beer (but only Guinness draught) – 28/01/15
  • drinking erdinger & starkers (black) – 06/02/15
  • eating at dancing crab @ turf club & SAM w the family – 07/02/15
  • napping in T’s room & going out of school for lunch – 09/02/15
  • spending chinese new year overseas in Boracay – 18 to 22/02/15
  • late night birthday celebration w L who brought guinness and fries – 23/02/15
  • going to merlion park – 24/02/15
  • epic surprise birthday present at the annual cny meet @ D’s- 28/02/15
  • used lush products – 01/03/15
  • interacting w Elffie & making eye contact w Ritz – 17/03/15
  • project meeting @ my house – 22/03/15
  • lky’s funeral: long queues & pizza & hanging out at macs w S – 29/03/15
  • couldn’t hear my 15 alarms ringing and ended up missing my ge2206 presentation EPIC – 30/03/15 –> a similar event happened in 2014 but I was merely late for soci
  •  Elffie posed for my camera – 31/03/15
  • renderlongig cider – 02/04/15
  • talked to Ritz for the first time ever – 07/04/15
  • adventure cove w dad – 11/04/15
  • gossip girl: xoxo, you know you love me
  • A for nat soc/in my uni life – 15/04/15
  • out alone w mama – 22/04/15
  • baking with Z for little nothings – 06/05/15
  • (longest ever) 2 weeks in Philippines – 12 to 26/05/15
  • swam in a lake twice
  • drank with my host family
  • having a lil something something but regretting now
  • almost witnessed a mini typhoon
  • saw an oldie singaporean band The Thunderbirds perform @ southaven – 06/06/15
  • Cape Panwa, Phuket: indian food & billard all day
  • saw a sunset on the plane ride back to singapore – 16/06/15
  • summer job @ stirling
  • photoshoot for my friends’ shop – 27/06/15
  • day out w L, The Deep Exhibition 
  • Met a legit vocal coach & baked volcano cupcakes – 02/07/15
  • KTV & Sunday Folks w OABFF – 03/07/15
  • slept for 18 hours after geog camp – 13/07/15
  • #theplunge post – 14/07/15
  • jigsaw day w V & OABFF – 21/07/15
  • photoshoot w ZY & V – 24/07/15
  • Jakarta w V – 29/07 to 04/08/15
  • gelish nail art
  • Bandung roadtrip: saw Kawah Putih – 02/08/15
  • hung out at 28 w C – 05/08/15
  • photoshoot w ZY & OABFF – 20/08/15
  • girls only weekend getaways to Bintan – 15, 16, 29, 30/08/15
  • walking in sports undergarment: nike says ‘just do it’ – 27/07/15
  • castor oil and black mask
  • chuck’s wagon eatery – 24/08/15
  • Muse concert at the singapore indoor stadium – 26/09/15
  • billabong one piece
  • KTV w L – 02/10/15
  • wine w OABFF – 09/10/15
  • lizard eggs
  • udders w S&N – 15/10/15
  • befriended C again – 28/10/15
  • geothermal sensor – 29/10/15
  • bingsu – 30/10/15
  • rabak night w Z & KTV – 04/11/15 & 26/11/15
  • the travel intern application – 06/11/15
  • photoshoot w ZY – 14/12/15
  • hooked onto k-drama for the past 6 months
  • obsessed over Justine Bieber, Fetty Wap & Our Times
  • night swims w rah
  • watercolour painting
  • Surin Beach, Phuket 
  • welcomed 2016 w intimates

The best year yet. 2015 was definitely a year of exposing myself to new experiences and of course, the deepening of those few lasting friendships even further. Photoshoots, bingsu and KTV probably took up my life during the second half of the year while drinks & nights at Wala made the first 5 months of 2015. It’s insane how much I got out of Singapore this year, so blessed. Then, I also started up this site and made sure I put together the many videos I accumulated over the past 2-3 years. (‘: Also, exploring and expanding my creative side with water colour xmas cards (i’m glad i made people’s day; i think handmade cards sealed in envelopes with handwritten notes are the way to go). This year, 2016, don’t know what you’ll bring but I guess starting the first week off with 5 intensive days at MBS w OABFF where we stood for many hours, played the waiting game, almost froze to death, ate out of bento boxes, greeted 2500 people, chaperoned for gala night, watched/danced the 1975 perform, helped out an executive lunch w all the big shots and earn a few hundred dollars don’t sound like a bad deal. The only downer to it was waking up as early as 445am and getting home at latest 11pm. We couldn’t see the sunrise, couldn’t feel the sun’s heat and it definitely felt bizarre when we left work while the sun’s still out at 4pm. Would I do it again? It’s a speedy way of earning my moolah but I might have to think this one through. Now, back to reality. Uni has started (while I was working) and I really need to catch up on my sleep. What’s funny during these 5 days is that, I had at the very least, 5 hours of sleep each night but I still feel so damn tired.  I’m definitely getting old.



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