It’s always a time when inspiration and insight flow into my brain. This time, I came to this sudden depressing conclusion that I have no friends. No close, clique-y (but homey) uni friends. Everyone is spread out and only in contact if we happen to bump into each other in hallways. I don’t even have someone who’s interest is the same as mine. Not a person joining me in my CCA. How sad my life is. I have acquaintances, plenty. But, deep HTHT without shaming? Hardly. I often wonder whether it’s the result of me not staying in hall. But I highly doubt so. Or is it the result of me being okay with being alone and independent. I’m starting to doubt that or else why would I be sitting here having typing this entry out? Although I get myself out there, it’s so bloody disappointing when you can’t meet a group of people you can just be completely honest with. A group of people with similar interests and a group who’s foundation is not built on shaming and judging others. But then again, I wouldn’t be able to survive thus far without my newfound friends from geog. 2 of them, actually. And the support of my longtime friends. You can say that I’m not completely alone in this universe. Just somewhat lonely in university.





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