Happy New Year. 

2016, at the crack of dawn, LDK and I took our goods and made our way down the V’s hill. Tired from our almost successful no-sleep goal, we packed up the living room and brought ourselves out to the patio to inhale the fresh post-rain morning air and looked up at the sky again like we did at 12am when we looked for any fireworks sightings. We couldn’t see it, but we heard it. And as I make my walk back home, I encountered the early birds already embarking on their first day of the new year. I stopped on my way back home to catch the first light that managed to penetrate the layers of gray clouds on my camera. As i dragged my feet to the front door, i took out my keys and as quietly as possible, unlock it. I didn’t want to wake my family and I wanted to surprise them too when they wake up to find me in bed. So, i was sneaky. I tried to be a mouse, brushed my teeth, washed my legs, changed my top and now i’m tucked under my comforter and about to drop this phone on my face as i fall asleep once again. {7:26am}

It was 4pm on the thirty-first of december and I was still thinking of exercising when my parents came back. Oh well, there goes the exercise. It’s time for a bath. I took my time to get ready. It wasn’t a fancy dinner or anything, really. Just a regular evening meal with mom, dad and mama at sunset way. We had dinner at this new cafe place which had pretty autumn-y decor. Reminds me of pumpkins and halloween and cinnamon and fall, basically. Each of us ordered our own portion and that is considered alot. Teriyaki chicken, prawn aglio olio, fish & chips, beef burger, truffle fries, garlic bread, and 2 drinks. The lava cake we wanted to try had to be passed as we couldn’t ingest anymore. Sent mama home before making our way back to ours. And I started the wait till 9pm.

It was 9pm when i left the house for Spruce to meet up with L & family who sent us to V’s house. The drizzle got heavier when we reached V’s house. As the car drove away, we stood in the rain waiting for V to open the gate. I bathed before that, sigh. It wasn’t a particularly cold or windy night but you could tell that the sky was somehow brighter and lit up especially before a downpour. After exchanging our greetings, into the room we went. Placed our stuff down and got comfortable. While we waited, we played 5 rounds of taboo with V’s sis and friend, saboteur and tried to play resistance. K was so hungry he decided to eat the spicy noodles we brought for LDK to try. V’s dad bought loads of chips for us to share. Literally a bag per person but only V opened a pack. Sparkling wine was poured, beer bottles uncapped and a bottle of red wine uncorked. We were so busy playing saboteur that we set a time 3 minutes before 12am to stop our game and get into position. When the clock on our phones struck midnight, we rose our wine glasses and cheers to the new year.



It was 12am and we wished each other a Happy New Year. We exchanged well wishes with V’s grandma too. K and I went out the house and looked at the crimson night layered with clouds. Twirling and spreading our arms out, we faced the sky and told everyone to breathe in the fresh 2016 air. It’s the start of something new. The night proceeded with whatsapp crashing and phototaking. Halo, blasting music, and feeling youth slip away as realization that our 21sts are approaching. Very soon. Midnight macs delivery was called and it took really long to arrive. We ordered the chinese new year prosperity party set. Funny isn’t it, we just entered the english new year but we’re already celebrating or preparing for the chinese one. We were or LDK were ravenous when the food finally arrived since it took more than an hour. But who could blame them? Tons of people ordered for sure, especially those who stayed up to celebrate. So yes, we were thankful. As soon as it reached the table, we dug in heartily, shared our highs and lows of the year and then got into deep talk. It was 3am.

As V went to bed soon after, the rest of us got ready for the early morning. We carried our stuff out the room to prepare to leave at first light. The rest of the night was spent watching youtube videos. I slept to shark tank’s ramen pot entrepreneur. It was 6.30am. Before i know it, i heard the shuffling of L, him packing up the living room and was stirred awake. I glanced at him, he said it’s time for him to leave. And my brain went active. No, wait, i’m leaving with you. I stared at the clock, it was close to 7am. I quickly stood up, careful not to hit the glass table i was under, folded the comforter which acted as my mattress and my blanket, groggily picked up my stuff and waited for the rest.
When we got out of the house, we inhaled the fresh air of the new year. It’s a new chapter in our life. A special year for all of us because we’re turning 21 – no longer babies – no more army, and people are leaving homeland too. We took a quiet stroll down the hill, silently soaking in the new year, making plans and perhaps already setting them in motion. Or maybe they weren’t thinking at all, just dying to get home and snuggle under the covers like me. And so we left, left the last day of 2015 behind and went back home to have our good night’s rest before starting out the first day of 2016 with our families a few hours later.


Happy New Year. 

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