is it practical? a year abroad? how will if affect my studies? can i do anything more useful if i choose not to go? is going on exchange necessary? or would internships & summer schools be a better option? are there internships offered to geographers? what i gained from the email was no, there isn’t that many geog-related internships. i must hunt for them. is it really necessary to go on a year long exchange? if it is not, my mind says to reject the offer. if it’s a semester, my mind would agree. am i able to take honours modules while on exchange in y3s2? can i take honours in y3s2 in nus? if i can only take honours modules in nus, my mind suggests to reject the offer as it worries about my y4 grades. will i be able to juggle 4-5 honours modules per semester? the workload will be immense. is it logical to go on a long exchange? should i reapply for a semester during round 2 instead? what does an exchange really mean for me? other than independence, being culturally open and absorbing.. does it offer anything more substantial towards my future? am i being overly worried about this? is this normal? i don’t know… and i wish i have a mentor now to answer to my questions. but really, all i have is myself. what i think would be right for me and whether i would have the will to accomplish things if i choose to reject the offer. time is ticking. i have till 4 jan to make my decision.


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