That was my reaction after receiving the email sent on tuesday morning and opening it this morning around 10.45am. Then i went on to notify the family. 

I was so stunned when i received the email cos I thought it would be a “no, try again next round” under the subject heading of “Reapplication for SEP”. But it turned out that i am offered a place there!  Another thing is, Hokkaido was a last minute option. I was at first deterred by the one-year exchange and the cold weather in Hokkaido. I was and still is afraid that bad things would happen during this year long exchange and I won’t be able to do anything about it. (imagine long term overseas students) What changed was the fact that i realised i was giving myself excuses to not even make an effort. Chances of getting accepted are so low since there was only 1 vacancy left (and i got it!). Embracing death is part of life. Embracing it would free myself. What to do now is to cherish time spent together. Oh and sidetrack for abit, I have to complete the final acceptance by 5pm today. From the manga and anime I read, they always depicted Hokkaido as an extremely cold and deserted place. Thank God, thesmartlocal checked out Hokkaido about a month or two again and my hopes were raised. Hokkaido looks so beautiful in the autumn months, I can’t wait to experience it. Moreover, being a 4 seasons country, I would get to experience first hand the changes in temperature, seasonality, landscape and colour! It’ll be amazing!! And a definite dream come true – being able to go to Japan and study in Japan. Finally!  What’s more, 2016 is the year i turn 21 and it was a goal set by my JC friends to go on a 2-3weeks trip to Japan; skiing and visiting Tokyo, going to hot springs, visiting shrines. All that! I think this is destiny. 🙃 this is definitely one of the happiest days of my life and i guess Don Miguel Ruiz played a part. I was so hung up on the admin people not replying me that i blamed myself so much. After i read the summary of his book and completed it yesterday, i decided to just let things be. If it is yours, it will be. And if you put in effort, it’ll pay off. (: Here’s a very unexpected reward. 

2016, you’re looking so fine already.

I’m so thankful.


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