One in the Afternoon.

Got back home at 2 in the morning from my midnight flight from Phuket. A really chill holiday with the family. We went island hopping and mostly hung out with our waves and sand buddies. We clutched our swimming costumes while we played in the ocean and cursed when the sand was too hot for our feet. We laid out our desert-like home from a 2 mat + 1 umbrella to an area which allows us to roll around and be completely comfortable lounging/playing cards/tanning. We had that much excess space which probably made us a slight public nuisance esp with our loud laughing and talking and our oohs & aahs from delish foods & fruitshakes. Here are all the GIFs taken for VSCO cos WIFI there ain’t like here in Sg. Some weren’t posted & I’m like what the hell, let there be a place where I can see all my GIFs. Still though, I’m glad for the lack of WIFI too. Disconnect from reality you know?



One in the Afternoon.

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