Got back from a hearty dinner meal w P at dean&deluca and dessert at nunuiwangja. It’s like the best bingsu I’ve tried thus far and the waiter was pretty cute too. He forgot to buzz the device so he ended up serving us our milo bingsu (yum). Maybe he just want to serve the bingsu to me himself (hah!). Z and I ‘planned’ a spontaneous zouk party – just us two – but my parents didn’t allow just cos we’re girls. I highly doubt anything will happen. It’s so tame compared to the movies. So again, our zouk plans got cancelled. ):

Had me some downtime today and I managed to pick up Adobe Premiere Pro CC and almost done editing the second bintan vlog. The only problem is I’ve yet to pick a song and add captions. Learning Adobe is hella tough but it’s pretty rewarding when I compare my previous Movie Maker vlogs to this current vlog.

Anyhoo, my first bintan vlog is up. It was a 2D1N weekend getaway to Bintan Cabana & Agro beaches. We didn’t do much except for chilling and exploring with mum. You can somewhat call these places “off the beaten track” since it’s locally set up, non-commercial, less touristy and you probably won’t get any wifi signal in the room. Even if you’re at the lobby/dining area, the wifi connection is pretty bad too. So, it’s quite remote and a perfect getaway to unwind, relax and hit the slow-mo button on life. Oh and, you probably won’t see my sis inside the footage as much cos she was being such a bore, didn’t want to be in it. Don’t worry though, there’d be more of her in the second video.

p/s: what do you think of the new thumbnail font?



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