The Promise of So Much in So Short.

My grandma told me this afternoon that the friends you have during school days won’t be the same friends you have during old age. The friends she has now are the friends she made a mere few years ago. But for now, I can’t imagine life without my intimates in the future. Perhaps it goes back to the technology we currently possess which connects us and allow us to feel closer … and to gossip more often. To be honest, I can’t imagine life without technology. Born in the 1990s, it was the transition period – like adolescence – from no tech to having tech. I had a fair share of living with and without technology, although technology counted as pagers, dial-ups and box televisions and computers (vs flat screen tv/laptop).  The idea of having someone so close suddenly leave your life with no way to get in touch with them but only to have them try to get in touch with you again – that’s if you stay at the same address, with the same telephone number. Otherwise, how will it be possible to maintain contact. In the past, a friendship lost is forever. Today, a friendship lost is one we can still visually see and know the ongoings in the person’s life. A “friendship” lost can and may breed jealousy, hatred and just all the mean thoughts. It’s still there, you see. A simple letter/telegram can bring wonder, curiosity, excitement or even, sadness while an email or text may not evoke as much emotions. We are so disconnected yet, I stress, connected. It’s about time we appreciate & not abuse technology. It’s about time we make use of technology to bring back the feelings that were so strongly felt and so vivid of the past. Sometimes when I look back at the videos I took when I was 11, I wonder now how I could’ve thought the quality was so good *laughs* but now, it’s probably just memories at 240p and then, further down the road, 1080p will be the next 240p. Footage from 10 years ago, still cracks me up so much.




The Promise of So Much in So Short.

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