December Self, Take Note.


It’s been about a year since I finally managed to hand in my paper(s) with a sense of calm sweeping over me. No joy or whatever, just peace you know?

It’s the kind of submission that lifts the sides of your mouth ever so slightly cos you’re finally done with it.



Everything is all right there in the paper & nobody can take that from me – the fact that I gave my all. And I just want to remind myself, regardless of what the final final outcome will be – the bell curve is bloody steep (what my school can do without) that gives this post its significance. Simply because this post encapsulates what I feel right now. In this moment. That is, after screwing up my first paper on Saturday. I seem to have a habit of messing up my first papers, it’s funny.



So, just a reminder to the future me, you don’t have to feel like shit.


December Self, Take Note.

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