Wake Up, Sunshine.


woke up to sunrays in my face.

so, i guess in addition to the 20 alarms i have set in my phone, a strong beam of sunlight would be the cherry to my sundae.

on another note, I’m going insane from studying. That’s what happens when you coop yourself at home for 2 weeks straight. Especially this week. It’s the most tedious. It’s a routine – sleep at 12 to 1am, get up at 7. I could get up at 7 early in the week, but as friday came, I could no longer hear my 6.30 to 7 .30 alarms. All I heard was my 7.50 alarm. Besides, my brother from the next room came over this morning to switch off my phone. Thank god for the rays burning my face or I wouldn’t have woke up. I’m getting restless now cos it seems like I’ve basically finished revising for finals tomorrow. So I’m just gonna do some yoga to clear up some head space and let my body and soul breathe before heading down for a soak and then starting my day of studying. Hang in there, guys.


Wake Up, Sunshine.

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