You know, finals are coming up.

 But all I can think about is travelling overseas. Actually, that’s all I could think about this entire semester. Tomorrow marks the last day of school, not that it matters since I considered my Yakuza presentation last Tuesday the final day of school. It didn’t matter either since I practically have only 1 day of school this week as the professor decided to go online.

This semester has been pretty rocky and I felt shitty most of the times. Professors tell you grades don’t matter through they pre-finals encouragement emails. Does it really? Why do I feel like it’s true but the more I feel that the more I get competitive? Oh well, just 3 more weeks of this struggle and I’m done. Done with Y2S1. Then I’d be waiting for my SEP email (fingers crossed), picking out modules for next semester, travelling to Thailand, working, spending time with friends, going for whatever events Singapore has. It’ll be like summer again. With rain & colder weather. I’m so thankful that the winds and rains have been so good to us lately, blowing off the haze from peatlands in some other directions. It has been almost 2 weeks since we finally started having clean air and that we can finally see the sky. At the same time, a news article reported that China hit 1400 PSI 2.5 a few days ago and that a dam in Brazil broke, causing mudslides and pollution (cause the waters contain mining tail wastes too) to the region. #prayfortheearth

Okay, that’s the end of my laundry airing session. Time to hit the hay.


You know, finals are coming up.

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