Travelogue III: Jakarta

Finally got some time off from school yesterday to actually sit down and sort out my videos from Jakarta. It’s my first time overseas with a friend and it’s also a completely self-paid trip. Quite an achievement huh.

Ven and I made a spontaneous decision to book our Garuda tickets about 10 days before we flew to Jakarta. It was surprising that my parents allowed me to go on this trip. And obviously, I had to grab this opportunity since I won’t know when I’d be able to travel with my friends again. There are conditions to them letting me go and one of the most important criteria would be that it has to be a legit organisation, say – school. It has to be for something with a supervisor at the very least. I’m glad that I just went for it. Honestly, I wish we had more activities rather than just shopping – not even at thrift shops but at department stores. True, the discounts were pretty good. But I felt like I was in Singapore. It didn’t feel brand new. That was the case until we decided to go on a road trip to Bandung. I was absolutely stoked to visit the crater lake. You know how I love my nature right? I love feeling infinitesimally tiny in nature. I love the beauty and feels I get from just being there, being in the moment, soaking it up and trying to capture the vibes through my camera. And above, is the result you’ll see. I wanted it to be more of a memory-style video rather than a professionally, always focused on perfect lighting and whatnot. I wanted it to be real and candid. And I’m pretty glad with how it turned out. It has now become a permanent core memory (i love sadness in Inside Out)which I can share with my friends and family too. And that is true, I’d gather my family members, particularly my mom, to watch the premiere of my vlogs. Everytime I complete a vlog, there’s that sense of gratification I get. And I’d watch it on replay, just reliving the moments I had with my travel buds.

Oh yes, photo journal up on VSCO


Travelogue III: Jakarta

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