imageWhether it’s a reading, a newspaper article or a bunch of thoughts, I often find myself zoning out into historical times, into travelling, into scenarios, into the future. I’ll be playing the part of a commoner in medieval times or a mermaid in the ocean. I’ll be wearing my full attire of white spag, cargo pants, Timberland boots, with a walkie talkie at my hip, a binoculars slung on my neck and a pair of Raybans to shield my eyes trekking through the forest or overseeing wildlife and nature conservation activities. I’ll be in a glitzy gown of the early to mid 20th century with its underwire net, pearls and embroidery details and my hair up in a beehive style. Or I’ll be in my capri pants and a white top with my pincurled hair secured down by a headscarf, a vintage cateye sunglasses and a dab of lipstick; sitting on the hood of the cadillac watching the sunset by the beach. I’ll be the boss in the black suit with high narrow heels, my hair gelled back and light makeup. I’ll be on the rooftop in my silk nightwear, sipping on a glass of wine, soulful music filling the space and just watching the nightsky, watching the city beneath me. I’ll be that girl with partial dreads, a long backless dress or a tube with bell bottoms, absolutely no footwear and losing myself in a dance. Perhaps I might just be chilling beneath the coconut trees in my swim attire or just nothing at all.

Today, I dreamt of my 21st. I’ll be surrounded by a bunch of intimate friends. We’d be dressed to the nines – probably in black – having a good laugh over a classy dinner before heading to a pub/bar to have a drink, soak up the atmosphere, dance and share a joke or two. We’d be taking photos at alleyways, at open spaces, at the pub/bar. Every angle is covered in pictures and on record. In the early morning, most of us will return to the hotel where we won’t go to bed but play games involving drinks. But none of us will be wasted. We’ll just be tipsy. When we’re done with that, we’ll talk into the wee hours of the morning of our past and present or maybe we’ll just fall asleep in each others’ arms (& legs). When we wake up the next morning, we’ll head on over to the pool to let the refreshing water clear our heads and then we’d remember the activities of the night before and agree what an amazing night that was. & for me, a truly unforgettable and lovely evening with my closest. I may not remember the details, but the videos and the photos will tell the story.



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