Make Me Up.


The reason why I’m so in love with makeup is its ability to allow you to bring your game face on no matter how tired you are from insomnia or whatever trivial excuses you give yourself to stay awake. Sometimes I have this mentality that sleep is for the weak or I can’t bear to see the day being officially over. So I’d extend this ‘day’ way into the night. Then again, I will always lose since it’s Time I’m trying to pick a fight with.

Makeup … I’m not a pro at it. But the idea of concentrating on the application process and taking your time with it, decorating your face is refreshing. And when you’re done, voilà! You look like a glowing goddess and you feel a lil bit better.

Anyway, read this if you’re interested.            

Okay, the bed is calling me.


Make Me Up.

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