#FIRST: Muse

Yesterday was cathartic.

Was last night even real? Was it just a dream? Did I really listened and jumped and screamed to Muse performing right. in. front. of. me. ??? So surreal.

Last night was my first large scale concert and Muse delivered it sublimely. It was amazing. The mosh was so real. The wait between the opening act – The Ruse – and Muse was really long but getting about 1.5h of madness, it was so friggin worth it. The set up, the lights, Matt’s singing, the guitarists and the drummer. Oh, and of course the perfect seats we were in! We sat at section 31, row 18. We were so near.  I wish I could be in the mosh. The next one maybe. Oh man, withdrawal symptoms are kicking in as I rewatch the videos I took. Definitely a great end to my uber boring recess week. HAHA

Crazy ass revolution.


#FIRST: Muse

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