Travelogue II: 2 Weeks in Village Bayanihan

A visual diary of my time spent in Philippines. It was a complete coincidence to have my service learning trip in the same country as my family trip.

After reading The Day Project’s email, I felt really brave and YOLO so I applied for this trip right away just in case I chicken out. Since I was already longing to go for another internationalisation trip (my previous one was when I was 15) and despite not having anybody to accompany me with, I decided to step out of my comfort zone. It was the best decision. 2 weeks with strangers. Of course it was awkward. But after a day or two, everyone practically saw each other’s foolish sides and we became so comfortable with each other, 70% of the time we were talking about our shits.

Once finals ended, I had less than a week to pack for this trip. We got there to total darkness because it was storming and also because there weren’t any streetlights. The ground was muddy, our luggages, shoes, pants everything were dirtied. Celia and I were the last to leave the hall. It wasn’t a good start. But the rest of the time there made up for it. I had so much fun. I didn’t have to worry about anything. Just give myself to nature and let the times roll.

This travelogue is a compilation of all the bits of footage I took. 90% of the time using my iphone so I’m sorry for the poor quality. Besides that, is there a Final Cut Pro for Windows? I really want to include my portrait videos without the black borders.



Travelogue II: 2 Weeks in Village Bayanihan

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