Travelogue I: Boracay

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I am someone who’s obsessed with taking photos. Not long ago, I captured some molements in motion and I realized that it’s a good way to revisit that memory since footage says way more than a thousand words than a photo. Also because I have such a bad memory, I was even more motivated and excited to film my travels and capture every molement possible.

I wasn’t able to sleep last night so I spent the entire night from 12 to 6 am in the morning putting together most of the footage. At 10, I woke up and continued editing my travelogue till I was satisfied, which was around 3.45pm. I never knew editing would be this tedious. But seeing the outcome of it, I’m just so proud and impressed. Since it’s my first time compiling and editing the footage into a vlog, I’m not used to the functions and all but it turned out pretty cool.

Here’s my first ever vlog created:

In February 2015, my family decided not to partake in Chinese New Year activities – house visiting, feasting on new year goodies, angbao collection, mahjong etc – so that we could fully utilise the long break to travel to Boracay.

Boracay is a little island in the Philippines with white sand and gradient blue waters. I’m not gonna say that the waters are pristine, cos it isn’t. Boracay waters are now infested with algae due to improper sewage drainage systems. It’s a good thing that the government is taking action to reform the drainage and treat waste materials. Although it has become a site of mass tourism and consumption, the captivating quality of the island still remains.

We spent 5 days in Boracay. The journey there is pretty complicated – plane, coach, boat – before we got to the island itself and then another 1-2 hours journey before we reached the hotel at Station 1. It took us an entire day just to get there. But, I promise you, when you wake up the next morning, all that effort is worth it.


23 August 2015, 3:42pm.

Travelogue I: Boracay

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