07/09/2015; 1:29pm.

imageI’m seeing a tree go down before my very eyes. The park beside my old flat cordoned off. The trees and plants giving way to wider roads, less rustic “clean” pavements, to development. No wonder it looks brighter today. Digging and scrapping of grounds and forests, removing it completely to be replaced with concrete. Our souls intertwined with the Earth but our minds fixed on profits, convenience, development.

One day when even the planted trees are gone, who’s going to be our shade? Our saving grace to this barren land? Mechanical trees? When that day comes, when Man finally come to their senses, when Man finally realise that they can’t identify what’s nature is any longer, I would be in my sanctuary above.


Here is one of my entries I wrote over the past couple of days – weeks that I didn’t get a chance to post, especially when I was on the move as I jotted them down.

07/09/2015; 1:29pm.

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