Three Hours.


I’ve been really blessed over the past couple of days. And one of those moments was being able to reconnect with my childhood best friend. For 7 years, we didn’t stay in contact. We went to the same secondary school after primary but we lost touch into the first year. I don’t know how we drifted but we did.

What made this reunion happen was because a recent mutual friend of ours set a date for us to meet up. And i’m so thankful for that. On Wednesday, we talked over bing-su and talked more after we finished it. 7 years felt like nothing. But, this poor memory of mine can hardly remember much details. I want to know all about my friend. Like a startover as strangers. Favourite colour, music genre, movie genre, the makeup she uses, whether she preferred lipstick or lipstain, overseas experience and JC experiences. Her interests and hobbies. Etc. I don’t just want to know the gossip we can share but also the things she did over the past few years when I wasn’t there. After that, her ambitions and future, her relationships. All that. Is this weird?


Three Hours.

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