The Bigger, The Better… Fireworks Display.

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It’s hardly any news that when celebratory festive occasions draw near, one will feel a heightened sense of joy, excitement… even patriotism. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m starting to feel this way towards the whole #sg50 saga which has been going on for almost 2 years. Perhaps it’s because of all the recent 50% off sales, jubilee weekend (aka 4 days off work for the working adults) and more sales that has given me more feels. I’m not gonna pretend that I didn’t vote for the NDP song for SG50 because I did and the one I voted for got chosen (heh, immense sense of [child-like] satisfaction right now). Yes, I’m one of those Singaporeans who’d vote and do shit (to an extent, of cos) if it means getting something my way.

This National Day, I’ll continue my tradition – staying home, catching the parade live on TV, getting some delicious noms and just enjoying the night in. I’m not the rah-rah kind, so it’s okay to stay home and get excited for the planes to fly by, keep my eyes glued to the TV and hope to see fireworks light up the night sky from my place.


Dear Singapore,

You’re 50 years old. I hope you’re not experiencing a mid-life crisis – you don’t have to be that worried about how things will turn out in the future. I’m sure current politicians have you set for another 50 years. Soon enough, you’ll be a 100 years old and I’ll be in my granny attire at 70 years. By then, you’d probably will grow so much more advanced and ahead in the world. Don’t forget the rest of us though. Even if you might’ve paid less attention to some of us over the past 50 years, I’m sure, those people are feeling extremely proud of you as you blossomed into an almost well-rounded beauty you are today.

Although you’ve been through much from a typical village to colonisation to WW2 to riots & disagreements to financial crisis to flooding etc., in today’s context, you’re still so young. Still, you shouldn’t let those wrinkles get to you. If you end up trying botox, you’ll lose the vitality and support of the people. Keep an open mind. Continue to try out new things. Shift from a frigid regime to one with more flexibility while perpetually emphasizing on quality. Our manpower may be small but our brains aren’t. We don’t need to discourage or encourage people to join our forces. If they want to, they would; we just have to provide the available resources for them.

Singapore, you’re my island home. There’s no place with conveniences, safety, clean air and greenery just like you. I am afraid with our rapid progression, this “Green City” label will cease to exist. I hope that politicians are planning on giving you more TLC. Recent popups like the hipster culture and cafes, new shopping malls and hang out areas have you still relevant. It’s true prices and standard of living are rising and maybe one day, I – as a true born and locally bred Singaporean – will have to migrate because I will no longer be able to afford transport, housing … perhaps even raising a family. You, will have a place in my heart. My childhood. My adolescence. My adulthood. My memories. There’s no place like home.

I’m only 20 now. It’s difficult to express more than what I’ve already done that won’t make it anymore generic. I’m writing this thank you letter for everything this nation has given me, for which I might’ve taken for granted at times. All I hope for Singapore is to continue to strive in excellency AND spread in creativity; continue to build up a place we will be able to relate to. Your heritage, your culture, your beliefs, your races, your harmony, your fusion, your distinctiveness, your diversification… don’t forget who you are.

Love, Talia.

//edit: Oh my gosh, I thought the Gift of Song would be the NDP song 2015 but no, it had to be Dick Lee’s. “These Are The Days” is so perfect – it’s the people’s voice after all. This year’s parade was really good, better than the recent past years. Organisers kept it local and relevant. (:

Free public transport and sales islandwide. Is it just me or are there more people wearing red today? I stood at Somerset MRT for a while and counted at least 50 people in red in less than a minute. Woah.

Catching Sands of Time tomorrow with my beloved friends. Hopefully we get to go on the free cable car ride!!

Happy Golden Jubilee!

The Bigger, The Better… Fireworks Display.

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