Feeling Good.


I know that magazines, newspapers, tabloids, celebrities etc. have spoken about or reported about this issue countless of times. And, I’m gonna do the same today – what you put into your body is how it’ll show on the surface. Your skin, your hair, your nails, your scent, your pee, your shit, your eyes … everything; even the way you feel about yourself.

I can say this for sure because between my sister and I, we’ll always be asking each other whether we should go work out, whether we should be keep to our healthy meals or indulge for a bit. It’s a sisterly ritual imo and something I’m thankful that I can talk about it so openly with my sis. Some of you might think we’re being overly body-conscious and shallow. We aren’t. It’s not only about the diet and being skinny for us now. We’ve move on from that point in our lives now. For us, it has become a lifestyle we’ve chosen to embrace. It’s no longer just food – it’s what we put into our bodies. How we can allow ourselves to feel the best and look the best.

It’s never too late to start this journey. Let me tell you that it won’t be easy and relapses do happen (esp. during holidays where I’ll be eating good food). Don’t get hung up on this, instead, continue that positive attitude. I mean, what’s wrong with having a larger portion and eating a little more unhealthily for that week or so? You can always work it off later when you’re back home. It’s your vacation so you might as well enjoy it right? I’m not saying that you should drink what, 7 bottles of beer every day and party every night. It’s not difficult to fall into that pattern and to slack off once you’re back. Just make sure it’s not over-done and remember how you treat your body would eventually be reflected.

Why do I keep emphasizing on this? Well, it’s come to my attention that although people are exercising more, they often aren’t taking care of their inner self. All is for show. They’re posting it on instagram with their poses and what not but it’s not holistic and that’s what frustrates me. I’ve embarked on this journey for about 8 months now. Previously, it was an on-off relationship. I would be healthy for a few weeks or so by eating my yong tau foo with veggies almost everyday except for fried food Tuesdays which I’ll add to my YTF and Makan Bagus Thursdays during my JC days. When there’s a school break, I’d revert to my old ways or restrict my intake by consuming instant noodles or bread and saying that it’s enough for that day since to me then, eating 1 or 2 unhealthy food items made up my healthy diet if I only consumed those unhealthy items. Reflecting on it now, that kind of food relationship is very, very disorientating and stressing on our body systems. I’m no food nutritionist or health/fitness doctor. It’s common sense that treating my body with (only) measly, low quality foodstuff is only going to do more harm than good.

It was in December 2014 (after a year of inconsistent activity and initiative) that I decide to build a serious relationship with my food and with my workouts. Taking them to the next level, allowing them to be a part of my lifestyle instead of a phase. I started to eat 2 portions of fruits (almost) daily, include more vegetables into my life (ie, salad bowls), continue to increase my water intake and exercise regularly. For a month, I followed Mil Hoy on Youtube. He has a superb fitness channel for beginners. I started out with the 30 days 30 minutes HIIT after months of irregular exercise. It’s entertaining and he’s a motivator. So, don’t be afraid to try it out. After I got fitter, I turned to Kayla Itsines BBG for 12 weeks to switch up my workout routine. Not gonna lie, it was grueling and intense and requires a lot of commitment which is why I’d suggest beginners to follow workout videos first. During the 12 weeks, I could see significant differences in my body and I actually felt good overall, both internally and externally. I felt like I had that healthy glow people were talking about. I mean, if you treat your body right, you’ll naturally feel an overall satisfaction. Your hair glows, your skin shines, your eyes brighten, your teeth whiter… all sorts of benefits you can ever dream of. I carried on with Shawn T25 after Kayla. I felt it wasn’t as easy getting into it especially after I came back from my OCIP. Summer break has gotten me feeling lazy time to time. But I still do put in the effort to make sure I’m eating right. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been the case recently. I pretty much suffered a relapse. Getting back on track and all is challenging but I’m not worried about that. What keeps me motivated is the aftereffect of the workout and eating healthy. I’ve recently tried out a new cleanser and it has broken me out quite a bit. So, to ensure faster recovery and for my belly to go away AND most importantly, to have that glow, I’m going to start up this journey again. Sometimes when you plateau, you feel bored. It’s okay to take a break, to change up your routine, but never forget the promises you make to your body.

Your body is after all, your holy grail. Treat it well and you’ll be rewarded. Strike a balance in your lifestyle. Everything in moderation (i’m not a killjoy by saying you can’t go clubbing, drink alcohol, sleep late … just don’t let it happen too often, that’s all) and stay committed. Abusing your body cos you’re young is a no go. It’ll show in a couple of years. Why not embrace it now rather than later? Prevention is obviously better than cure. As I’ve mention above, it’s good to have some support or company during your journey. Why not ask your siblings or close friends to start this journey with you? They’ll be your support and motivator. Instead of dreading gym/workout days, they become fun, bonding sessions. They’ll keep you on track and you’ll be able to share progress reports! Isn’t that a win-win? Now, to those who disagree and say that you should accept who you are. That’s B.S. You can always make a change in your life regardless of how unfit or unhealthy you are. Don’t be stupid. It’s very simple. You only have to decide for yourself whether you want it enough.


//pictures taken from Boracay trip in February 2015

Feeling Good.

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