Walk, Run, Fly.


Today has got to be one of my good running days ever. I haven’t ran in ages and today’s weather was just perfect for it. Cloudy, windy and warm at the same time. I usually prefer to run in slightly more humid conditions cos I feel like I’m working harder than usual. I love seeing a layer of perspiration on my skin and a red face after I run. Unfortunately, the red face doesn’t happen as often as I want it to because I get used to the route quickly and I tend to get bored easily. It was because I was bored that’s why I decided to switch my workout today & the weather was working perfectly in my favour so why not right?

I took the usual route today – with 2 major hills – just so to challenge myself and I completed it in 30 minutes which is not too far off from when I was running regularly.

Running is the easiest (& the toughest) sport to pick up but, it can be very enriching and freeing. To be honest, I’m not a very good runner, period. I’m the kind who’d run to escape reality, to feel free and occasionally when I’m up for it, to challenge myself. I’m not the fastest person around, more like the slowest on the team I was in a few years back (haha). Maybe cos I didn’t start on very good foundations? After all, what running is to me is different to actual runners aka competitors.Then again, I do encourage people who want to start a healthier lifestyle to take up running too cos whether it’s to push your limits or just for recreation, all you need are socks, running shoes and a willing mind.

Kind of bummed that I messed up my toenails (cos I painted them like an hour before I went running le sigh). Guess I’ll need to repaint them & bathe so I can remove this ridiculously sticky makeup I have on since my brunch date in the morning (ew).


Walk, Run, Fly.

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