Lunch at Coastes.

image Not prawns cos i forgot to take them image image

One of my past food item I must avoid was the prawn. When I was younger, I had this really weird mosquito bite turned ezcema on three parts of my body – both the outer sides of my calves and the back side of my right thigh. It was so itchy and flaking all the time. Going swimming with me must have been nasty for my sibs and whoever else but I’m not sorry cos those are one my best childhood memories. 😊 So of course, when I had the ezcema, my mom said I couldn’t eat any prawns. Well, thank god cos I really hated the smell of chewed prawns in my mouth. Whenever we went to chinese restaurants and they ordered the cereal prawn dish, I would only eat the cereal.

As the years passed, my eczema eventually healed. But my disgust for prawns never wavered. Everytime my family asked me to try a super delicious prawn dish, I turned them down with “I cannot eat prawns”. That became a very reliable and convenient excuse even though they knew that I was avoiding prawns at all cost. I just didn’t want to have that icky texture in my mouth with that yucky flavour. Total ew. Then, all changed  on one fine day when my mom grilled some garlic pepper prawns for the weekend dinner. My relationship with prawns flipped a hundred and eighty degrees.

Flavours burst in my mouth and I’ve found a new appreciation for an old disgust. From then on, I became completely obsessed with prawns. Especially the ones mom makes. It’s still a bit of a struggle for me to pry open the shells swiftly yet gently so that most of it comes off at once not in bits. (One day I’ll master the art of eating prawns!!!)

Garlic, pepper & salt became my go-to for almost everything. Everything suits it and it’s the best cooking combination ever. Especially for seafood – crabs, lobsters … Other than mom’s cooking, the next time i tried another sublime prawn dish was when I went to Maldives in June 2014. The prawns were seasoned perfectly and bite-sized. We kept placing order after order until the kitchen closed. All of them tasted the same – mouthwateringly succulent and very, very tasty (sorry, my food vocab isn’t that good). It was then I really fell in love with prawns – this sounds weird but bear with me.

When we returned to Singapore, We hunted for them – the prawns. Another fateful day, we chanced upon them in Coastes! It tasted almost as good as the ones we had in Maldives. Coastes has a really good ambience and servers since its located by the beach. Fave family hangouts are now at Sentosa – Coastes and then the Beach Bar. It’s amazingly chill and calming. Feels like I’m on holiday, free from reality for a few hours. Good  food, great company… Who could ask for more?

Anyway, to those who managed to read through my nonsense above, now you know more about me! Is it strange to have a huge reaction – like me – to foodstuff you hated? Haha, I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Oh yeah, no prawns picture cos I forgot to take them. I was too engrossed in eating. 😋


Lunch at Coastes.

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