When We’re 70,

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I could never imagine myself having a bunch of close-knit friends who’ll be there for me for eternity. I thought that maybe it only happened in movies. Apparently not. That friendship dream is becoming a reality. Friends like these, help me stay grounded and remind me of who I am. Who I can be and who I shouldn’t be. They’ve been with me since childhood, they know my embarrassing and shameless years. It’s hard to forget who I am when I’m with them (though sometimes I very much want to especially when creating first impressions). In my life and in theirs now, I’m sure that there are forces trying to mold us into a different person. I’m such really thankful to have such lasting bonds I can all my own till the end of time.

This bunch of friends of mine – most of us got to know each other during our lower secondary days. Till now, I think it was fate AND Life that brought us together. How can it be such a coincidence that what kickstart(ed) our family was the 4 of us sitting in chronologically running birth dates. After that episode, our family expanded to include almost half the class. Some eventually left but the core of us remained.

I love how I always (truth HAHA) dread the planning process before the gathering. But on the day itself, I would be excited to no end. It’s tough to find a convenient date for most of us to be there so I really do appreciate the people who actually care or want this more than the rest of us – ‘chasing’ after people for their free dates, collating data, figuring out what we should do, what we should order etc. It’s an annoying job and what I felt when I helped them was just the tip of the iceberg. Oh well, I hope these people don’t get tired doing what they do because they are the strings that keep us together when we want to fall apart.

I was going to save this quote for my 21st next year but I guess it’s okay if I repeat myself next year huh.

You can go through life and make new friends every year – every month practically – but there was never any substitute for those friendships of childhood that survive into adult years. Those are the ones in which we are bound to one another with hoops of steel.

50 years down the road, I’m sure we’ll still be alive and kicking. We’ll be meeting up and having fun like the ol’ days. Maybe playing a better game of Resistance or Bingo.


When We’re 70,

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