She’s Fresh.

I’m sitting here in front of my laptop in my undies struggling to come up with a cool, relevant and interesting topic to kick-start this new chapter I’m embarking on. Or trying to. If you think it’s easy coming up with a name and jotting down your rambles, think again. It’s not. #letsgetreal So, what I’ll do is to make an effort to allow my journals to be fluid rather than it being all here and there but end up nowhere kind of thing – which (warning) usually happens.

This space will basically be an extension of my instagram page (@thmole), travelogues, lifestyle, fashion & opinions. It will be as real as it gets because, I’m sick and tired of others judging people based on one social media platform. There are many facets to a person and I think, some platforms just show more of one side than the other. I feel like overtime, the person will begin to embody what others think and gradually become one-dimensional.

Since it’s my first entry on this space, I think it’s most apt for me to talk about #theplunge I just took with my new haircut. I had short hair during my childhood and gave in to peer pressure during my Primary school days when I decided to grow out my hair. After many ugly haircuts ending up with tons of layers, in upper secondary, I started shunning from salons and layers. I grew my hair out and never once allowed a hairdresser to trim my hair unless I really needed it. So, I basically took charge of my hair – cutting, easy trimmings … All changed when my A-levels ended. Not only did I had waist length hair which now reminded me of a maid, it was getting difficult to manage the tangles and my hair was dropping nonstop (this is coming from a person with thick hair).

It was a life changing decision and experience. I never thought I could feel so liberated with shorter hair. Neither did I thought I would look good in it. Numerous compliments were given and yes, I soaked it all up. The 7 months break was the time I started experimenting with colours, perm and length. It’s been almost a year since I started university and albeit my hair colour has become tamer, I’m still into cutting shorter dos. In fact, it was just yesterday that I decided to take #theplunge and turn my bob into a longer pixie cut. I don’t know the name of this cut but true enough, my head felt lighter, my body cooler and I felt more empowered. There’s something about controlling your hair that makes you feel powerful and fulfilled. After my time at the hairdresser’s, I even thought to myself that I could – no, I am already prepared to take it a step further by cutting it into a pixie. Here’s a photo with my new do and I’m absolutely loving it!


Can we just take a #molement to appreciate the beauty of this powder blue Zara top? I'll be waiting for the sale.
Can we just take a #molement to appreciate the beauty of this powder blue Zara top? I’ll be waiting for the sale. (;

So guys, this just goes to show that if you don’t try you’ll never know what might look good on you. Whatever it is you’re doing or whatever your size or whatever your face shape, give it a go and never look back. At least you tried.


She’s Fresh.

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